November 17


The Value of a Great Dump Trailer

By Jan

November 17, 2018


If your business depends on the trailers you invest in, nothing is more expensive than a piece of equipment that was a “great deal” but then fails to deliver on a consistent basis.  At Load Runner Trailers we specialize in trailers for work.  Just like you show up and give your business everything you have every day, you expect your equipment to do the same.

Take a look at this Lamar dump trailer with 14 ft by 7  ft with 24-inch sides that was purchased earlier this week by Belgard Home Contractors.  Marcelo Norberto, the very satisfied owner (his words) of this trailer sent us the following videos to show how his new trailer performed when he put it to work the very next day after he bought from Jan at Load Runner Trailers in Orlando.



That was four cubic yards of sand that was dumped into the box of this trailer.  You can see how solidly it accepts the load. By the way, four cubic yards of sand weighs approximately 10,000 lbs.  That is a lot of weight.  this particular trailer is carried on two 7,000 lb Dexter axles and it has 14-ply tires.  Because the trailer weighs 4025 lbs, Marcelo took this trailer to its load capacity limit, but as you can see, it handles the load without complaints.

Marcelo then took this load to a customer’s home, where he we dumped the load in the driveway.  Notice how high the dump bed lifts and how cleanly and fully the sand comes out.



We obsess about trailers and we welcome you to come check out our inventory at our Orlando location, 5311 Young Pine Road, in the 32829.  Not everyone would say this, but we’re proud to be on the road to the land fill.  If you’re not stopping to check out our inventory, at least wave to us as you drive by.


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