April 12


The Brute is Here–and gone!

By Jan Petri

April 12, 2019

Load Trail 8.5 by 40 ft gooseneck equipment trailer with 10,000 lb hydraulic dove
Load Trail Gooseneck Extreme!

(April 12, 20149) This is the ultimate equipment trailer. Well, it really is, but it has already sold. That didn’t take long….

Load Trail makes the best in the business and this is the “mostest” that they make. It has 12,000 lbs Dexter, oil bath axles, electric over hydraulic brakes (essential if you actually want to come to a stop with a full load when you need to–and not just eventually if you instead have just electric brakes).

It has a low-profile, pierced frame and best of all, it has an hydraulic dove, which means that you can make use of the full 40 ft, not just the 35 ft of the deck, excluding the 5 ft dove where the mega ramps usually sit.

The 9 ft hydraulic dove can lift a beastly 10,000 lbs and will allow you to make quick and comfortable work of loading and unloading. No more hefting of mega ramps or slide-outs. If nothing else, your back will thank you for this convenience. Sure it’s more money to have the hydraulic dove, but if you don’t get it, you’re going to spend that money anyway–with your chiropractor and/or orthopedic surgeon.

Come take a look at this beauty. It is sitting at Load Runner Trailers, 5311 Young Pine Road, Orlando, 32829. You can also call us at 407 258-3266, and we will tell you the same story. By the way, we also have one that is 32 ft long.

We are George, Walt, Joanne and Jan. We know trailers and we carry Load Trail, Lamar, Spartan, Top Hat, MAXX’D, Freedom, Covered Wagon, Empire Taylor, Barrentine and more brands. We offer excellent financing opportunities that don’t carry pre-payment penalties. We will help you find the right trailer for your needs so that you can get out of here quickly and easily and put that new trailer to use to make money!

Jan Petri

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