April 18


Race Trailers

By Jan Petri

April 18, 2019

Race trailer

Not only do we have specialty trailers on site, we can get the special, specialty trailer that you need quicker than most any other dealer. Because we are one of the biggest purchasers of trailers for many manufacturers, when we need something, the manufacturers listen and help us out quickly.

Need something special? Give us a call, come check out what we already have or message us through our website. We would love to show you what we have and discuss what you need (or want 😉 ).

Meanwhile check out this beautiful race trailer.

It is 24 ft long, 8.5 wide, has rubber-button floor, ramp door, tandem 5,200 lbs axles, electric jack, extra wide RV-style side door, spider mag wheels, escape door, loading lights, interior LED strip lights, 30-amp service, inverter and two interior receptacles.

Come check out this beauty before someone else does and buys it! Meanwhile, take a peek here.

Rrrace trailer!

Jan Petri

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