May 27


The Best Car Haulers

By Jan Petri

May 27, 2019

3500 lb axle, 5200 lb axle, 7000 lb axle, 7000 lb tandem axle, 7000lb axle, Lamar, Load Trail, tilt deck, Top Hat

Load Trail 26-ft car hauler, goose neck tilt deck

Need a car hauler/equipment hauler that is easy and versatile to use? Are you looking for a car hauler that makes loading easy to use and accepts cars with low ground clearance? If that is the case, you need a tilt deck trailer.

Power Tilt deck
Load Trail 20 ft power tilt deck

Guess what? We have ’em. We have them with a 7,000 lb single axle, tandem 5,200 and 7,000 lb axles, bumper pull, gravity and power tilt. We have them from 16 ft to 26 ft. A common configuration is to have a 16-ft tilt deck and a 4-ft platform forward of the tilt deck. Other configurations are available as well.

Load Trail Single Axle
Load Trail Single Axle Tilt Deck

We have tilt decks in different brands as well. We have Load Trail, Top Hat, and MAXX’D right now, right here at our Orlando location.

MAXX'D 14 ft single axle tilt deck.
This 14-ft MAXX’D tilt deck has a single 5,200 lb axle (has removable bolt-on fenders)

We even have specialized units like the scissor-lift trailer below. Scissor lifts are great at reaching greater heights, but they are not that good at climbing even the tiniest grades, which is why this trailer is as low to the ground as possible, yet it still has a beefy 7,000 lb axle.

Scissor Lift trailer
Lamar scissor lift trailers with 7,000 lb single axle.
12 ft tilt deck trailer with 7,000 lb axle.
18-ft Top Hat with tandem 3,500 lb axles.

Top Hat makes this clever 18-ft tilt with 3,500 lb axles. Notice, that unlike other tilt decks, on this on the fenders don’t tilt with the deck. The effect of that is that it makes it supremely easy to clear the driver’s door over the fenders because the tilt action raises the car above the fenders.

So here’s what you need to do… Get in your truck and come take a look. We are located at 5311 Young Pine Rd, Orlando 32829. Today, May 27, we have all the above-described trailers sitting on our lot. You can also call Walt, George, or Jan at 407 258.3266 and make an appointment to see these or any of the other 300-plus trailers that we have in inventory. C’mon on in, we have the trailers that make you money!

Jan Petri

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