July 16


A Trailer is the sum of its parts

By Jan Petri

July 16, 2019

We have the trailers; we have the parts!

Load Runner Trailer Parts
We have parts, and will stock more.

A trailer is a collection of parts that have been assembled to create a function whole. Some parts break or wear out; or you simply need something new or different. We stock a bunch of parts to meet your needs.

Load Runner Parts
Come in and see what we have.


  • 3,500 lbs axles have five lug wheels. They come in two types of bolt patterns, 5-on-5 and 5-on-4.5. If you don’t know which you need, bring the wheel or a good picture of it showing the hub and lugs. Common tire sizes are 205/75R15 and they have six plies.
  • 5,200 lbs axles have six lugs wheels. These come in one single bolt pattern and are commonly 8-ply tires. The common size is R225/75R16.
  • 7,000 lbs axles have eight lugs. These come in a variety of sizes and load ranges (numbers of plies). The most common size is 235/80R16 with 10 plies (load range E). They also come in 14 and 16 plies. If you want to avoid blow-outs and punctures, get 14 or 16-ply tires. Sixteen ply tires are actually 17.5-inch in size and come in this size, 215/75R17.5
  • Bud wheels: If you have dual tandem 10 or 12k axles, you need these tires. 235/80R16 is the size, but the rim is configured to attach to the second adjacent wheel.
Snappin Turtle Straps
If undoing straps matters to you, these are what you want.

Have you ever experienced the following? You load something on your trailer and you strap it down expertly with your ratchet straps. Then, when you get to your destination and you try to undo these straps, you feel like an all-thumbs moron. No matter what you do, you can’t undo the straps that locked your stuff down so easily. Finally, in frustration you bring out the knife and you show those straps who’s the boss: you cut them, and then for good measure, you slice them up some more.
Guess what, now you have buy more straps. Honestly, that works for us; we will gladly sell you straps on a subscription basis, but if you think it makes sense to simply buy the straps once and have them work, consider getting Snappin’ Turtle brand.
Roller bearings. That’s the secret. Snappin’ Turtle ratchet straps have roller bearings in the tension mechanism. Less friction means that when you release the ratchet locking mechanism, the tension in the strap will overcome the friction in the tension mechanism and your ratchet strap will roll off the tension device without having to cut the webbing.

Proven Locks
Get a lock; keep your trailer.

You bought your trailer, you use your trailer, you need your trailer to make a living. Don’t let some criminal schmuck make off with your trailer and its contents. Protect it with a first rate lock.
We have those.
We like locks that can’t be defeated in 40 seconds by a reasonably fit 8-year old wielding a crowbar. We recommend Proven Locks from Proven Industries. They are custom-designed for the particular coupler you have. Made from two interlocking parts and a puck-style padlock, Proven Locks are made from 1/4-inch thick steel. Mr/Ms. Burglar is going to need a an acetylene torch and 12 hours to remove one of these. We have surveillance video of would-be heists where the perp throws him/herself on the ground and pounds the ground in a tantrum over not being able to remove these locks. Not kidding… Actually, I am kidding, but we can easily imagine that this is how would-be criminals react when they encounter a Proven Lock.
We also have other–locks, as it were–if you simply want to present the criminal with a challenge.

To be continued….

Jan Petri

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