August 2


More Parts

By Jan Petri

August 2, 2019

Yeah, that’s right; we’re not the Apple Store… everything isn’t exquisitely laid out according to the latest and hottest retail aesthetic trends, but we do have stuff. Useful stuff.


We have chargers of all kinds.

Take a look at this: above you see the 20 Amp rapid charger and the versatile solar charger.
If you want to be absolutely certain that your trailer battery never disappoints you, keep it charged. A poorly charged battery will ruin your day–and by extension–your customers’ days. If people count on you to show up and get a job done, or if you count on your dump trailer to dump when you get to the dump, make sure the battery is well charged.
How, you say?
Plug it in overnight. You can’t over-charge it.
… you can undercharge it, which will lead to hydraulic fluid spillage, undue stress on the hydraulic pump system and possibly a burnt out pump motor.
To avoid these calamities, consider getting the 20 Amp rapid charger pictured above here in the upper left hand corner.
We also carry a very capable solar charger that can be mounted on a toolbox permanently or it can simply be hooked up temporarily to whatever battery needs to be charged.

Balls and Ball Mounts

Ball mounts, balls, and combination hitches.
A very functional work of art.

You’ve heard it, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. The most commonly installed hitch is a “Class 3” hitch. But what does that mean? The hitch class refers to the gross trailer weight that the hitch can handle. By “handle” I mean, not just the tongue weight, but the actual force that is applied on the ball and ball mount when the trailer is towing, accelerating, and decelerating. Below is a table to summarizes hitch capabilities by class from wimpiest (class I) to beefiest (class V–that’s class 5, you millennials… just kidding). If you need one, come see us. We’ll hook you up!

ClassLoadTongue WeightExamples
I2,000200Bikes, kayaks
II3,500525Small boats, etc…
III8,000800Med. boats, utility trailers
IV12,0001,200RVs, Encl Trailers, Equip trailers
V20,0002,0007-10k tandem/triple axle trailers

I hope this helps you understand what kinds of parts we carry. Better yet, come in and say hi and see for yourself. 407 258-3265.
All the best!

Jan Petri

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