December 19


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By Jan Petri

December 19, 2019

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Meet Rodney, our new Service Manager

We are coming up on our first year of serving the greater Orlando area with trailer sales. We have spent much of this first year just getting systems and processes in place to do serve customers who need trailers and trailer parts. Over time we realized that we needed to respond to the demand for service and repairs that was being generated.

Being that our place of business is just up the road from the Orlando landfill, we are presented with lots of service opportunities because a huge proportion of Orlando’s trailers pass by us every day on their way to the landfill. So, we decided to have a robust trailer repair and service business.

We have now hired a service manager. Rodney ably fills this new role for Load Runner Trailers in Orlando. Rodney is a classically-trained pianist who went on to major in jazz piano in college. Not only is Rodney a piano virtuoso, he also excels at repairing trailers. Rodney can take on any and all trailer repairs, including welding and fabrication. If you have repair or trailer service needs, get in touch with Rodney to set up an appointment. If you think your trailer needs warranty repairs, call Rodney to have him check out the issue and advocate for the needed warranty repairs. You can reach him at 407 274-9846 or serviceorl@loadrunnertrailers.com.

Next up: We are building a repair shop!

Jan Petri

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