Why Did My Trailer’s Axles Give Out?

Why Did My Trailer’s Axles Give Out?

Calculate Your Safe Cargo Weight

What could possibly have gone wrong here?

The trailer dealer clearly explained that your dump trailer could hold 13 cubic yards.


You filled it with 16 cubic yards of concrete.  That trip didn’t even last a quarter of a mile…


The answer is density.   Density = lbs/cubic ft.

Think concrete vs down feathers.  A trailer-full of concrete weighs way more than a trailer-full of down feathers.  Concrete weighs 150 lbs per cubic ft,

So, what to do?  You need to know how much a cubic yard weighs of the stuff you routinely haul.  The calculator below will help you figure out how much of that stuff you haul you can actually and safely put in your trailer.  Run your numbers here.

How much does a cu yd of this weigh?

Now, let’s do one more set of calculations.  Let’s figure out how much your trailer actually can carry safely.

The calculation goes like this:

Carrying capacity of axle(s) — weight of trailer =  safe cargo weight

So, now run the safe trailer towing numbers here:

Can My Truck Tow This?

Is the weight bueno or no bueno?  If your cargo weights are putting the trailer way over what it can safely tow, please don’t do it.  Make a second trip instead.

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